ViewKlass - C++ Framework for Motif

Implementation Status

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Implemented Classes

These classes have, at least, had source files created for them.

The Usable column shows whether the class has some usable functionality or not. (? means the code looks Ok but I haven't tested it)

The Complete column gives an indication of how complete the implementation is, from 1 - 5;
1 = Minimal, 5 = Mostly Complete (> 90%, but not necessarily bug free ;-)

Note: Many of these ratings are simply my best guess based on perusal of the existing code.

See the list of Unimplemented classes
Class Name Base Class Usable Complete Notes
VkAction   Y 5  
VkCallbackList   Y 5  
VkCallbackObject   Y 4 Dynamic Loading not implemented.
VkBackground VkCallbackObject ? 3  
VkComponent VkCallbackObject Y 4 Dynamic Loading not implemented.
VkApp VkComponent Y 4 Overlay visuals not supported.
VkCheckBox VkComponent Y 3  
VkRadioBox VkCheckBox Y 5  
VkCompletionField VkComponent Y 5  
VkDialogManager VkComponent Y 5  
VkBusyDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkInterruptDialog VkBusyDialog Y 5  
VkProgressDialog VkInterruptDialog Y 5  
VkErrorDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkFatalErrorDialog VkErrorDialog Y 5  
VkFileSelectionDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkGenericDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkPrefDialog VkGenericDialog Y 5  
VkInfoDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkPromptDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkQuestionDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkSelectionDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkWarningDialog VkDialogManager Y 5  
VkMenuItem VkComponent Y 5  
VkMenu VkMenuItem Y 5  
VkMenuBar VkMenu Y 5  
VkOptionMenu VkMenu Y 5  
VkPopupMenu VkMenu Y 5  
VkSubMenu VkMenu Y 5  
VkHelpPane VkSubMenu Y 5  
VkRadioSubMenu VkSubMenu Y 5  
VkMenuAction VkMenuItem Y 5  
VkMenuActionWidget VkMenuAction Y 5  
VkMenuConfirmFirstAction VkMenuAction Y 5  
VkMenuToggle VkMenuAction Y 5  
VkMenuUndoManager VkMenuAction Y 5  
VkMenuLabel VkMenuItem Y 5  
VkMenuSeparator VkMenuLabel Y 5  
VkPrefItem VkComponent Y 5  
VkPrefCustom VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefEmpty VkPrefCustom Y 5  
VkPrefGroup VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefList VkPrefGroup Y 5  
VkPrefRadio VkPrefGroup Y 5  
VkPrefLabel VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefOption VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefSeparator VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefText VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkPrefToggle VkPrefItem Y 5  
VkRepeatButton VkComponent Y 5  
VkSimpleWindow VkComponent Y 4 Quick Help not implemented.
VkWindow VkSimpleWindow Y 5  
VkInput VkCallbackObject ? 5 Testing needed.
VkModel VkCallbackObject ? 5 Testing needed.
VkPeriodic VkCallbackObject Y 5  
VkPipe VkCallbackObject ? 5 Testing needed.
VkProgram VkCallbackObject N 2  
VkSubProcess VkCallbackObject N 1  
VkComponentList   Y 5  
VkCursorList   Y 5  
VkFormat   Y 4  
VkHelpAPI   Y 4  
VkNameList   Y 5  
VkResource   Y 5  
VkTrace   Y 5  
VkWidgetList   Y 5  
VkAlignmentGroup VkWidgetList Y 5  
VkGangedGroup VkWidgetList Y 5  
VkRadioGroup VkWidgetList Y 5  

Unimplemented Classes

These classes are part of the ViewKitTM API but are not currently implemented in ViewKlass.
See the list of Implemented classes
Class Name Base Class
VkMsgService VkMsgFacility
VkMsgApp VkApp
VkSoMsgApp VkMsgApp
VkSoApp VkApp
VkCutPaste VkCallbackObject
VkDeck VkComponent
VkDoubleBuffer VkComponent
VkMeter VkDoubleBuffer
VkPie VkMeter
VkTabPanel VkDoubleBuffer
VkIconButton VkDoubleBuffer
VkGraph VkComponent
VkModified VkCallbackObject
VkModifiedAttachment VkModified
VkNode VkComponent
VkOutline VkComponent
VkOutlineASB VkOutline
VkQuickHelp VkComponent
VkResizer VkComponent
VkRunOnce VkCallbackObject
VkRunOnce2 VkCallbackObject
VkScroll VkComponent
VkTabbedDeck VkComponent
VkTextIO VkComponent
VkForkIO VkTextIO
VkTickMarks VkComponent
VkVuMeter VkComponent